Best Pet Accessories

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Go out for a stroll on the wild agree with our fun and fashionable Animal Print rope. All made-to-request and coordinates consummately with our collars and harnesses!

Giraffe print, Football print, Alligator print, Cow print, Peacock plume print, Pink Leopard print, Snakeskin print, Snow Leopard print, Retro Stripes and Zebra Stripes.

Welcome to our Accessories and Toys Gallery where you can see a portion of the selective and fun items for your puppy or feline.

Urban Angel Leash

These are all in stock however are well known items, so bring into see us soon to maintain a strategic distance from frustration.

Among the new items we are loading is the one of a kind Pet Water Bottle for when you are out an about with your canine.

It has a hygenic stainless steel ball valve that keeps the water clean, yet permits your puppy to drink crisp water when he needs it.

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Innumerable hours go into hand-creating every Seasonal Prints from finest Italian Leather, mildest nubuck and hand-woven Harris Tweed. The distinction is in the points of interest, from strong metal fittings, an additional circle to keep the cowhide tip level and flawless and the new Football Prints the sign of value and extravagance. Swankypet is hand cut from chic monochrome tweed, roused by the natty little suits of Vogue models and Hollywood starlets of the 1950’s – ideal for dashing joyfully about town.

You realize what it resembles if it’s a Black Tie do and you don’t have anything to wear! So why not add a touch of wonder to your pooch’s outfit with a hand-made puppy necktie. Slip it on to your pooch’s neckline to cut a fashion dash at whatever point the circumstance calls for it.



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