Top 5 Tips for Selecting the Best eCig for You

In case you’re like me, your search for the best electronic cigarette started with research. I was somewhat skeptical at first about electronic cigarettes at any rate. Do they really work? Would I be able to stop smoking tobacco cigarettes using these?

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Once I had enough data about electronic cigarettes under my belt, I was ready to make a decision as to which brand to purchase. The main problem was, currently I needed to research the different brands of ecigarettes out there. Legitimately, I turned to electronic cigarette review websites. That is when I discovered that not all ecig review sites are created equal.

On my journey to locate the perfect electronic cigarette, I found that there is no perfect electronic cigarette… yet I learned a great deal en route, and I thought I’d share some tips with you.

1. Know Your Brand: Many Ecig Brands Use Similar Products :

There is a misconception out there amongst the newer ecig dedicated that each of these ecig companies are developing and assembling their own particular products. This is simply not true. While there might be some companies out there doing their own particular research and development, most of the small players out there are just purchasing item from the same 3-5 Chinese manufacturers and putting their image name on it.

Ecigarettes are a revolution and there are literally hundreds of start-up companies out there attempting to pick up a toehold in this burgeoning new market. Not all will survive. It’s vital that you do your research and know something about the brand that you will choose. After all, you’re investing money in a pack that you will use well into the future.

2. Try Before You Buy But Don’t Go Cheap :

One of the most essential things to remember when choosing a brand is: Don’t Go Cheap. Obviously, there are some brilliant brands out there that are of a reasonable price, however when you’re just starting out your new venture with vapor cigarettes, you would prefer not to make price the absolute rule. Getting a superb unit saves you time and headache at last. A decent approach to get a feel for the nature of each brand is to purchase one of their disposable ecigs. Just remember, most genuine starter kits perform better than their disposable counterpart, so keep that at the top of the priority list as well.

3. Decide Which Type of Ecig is For You :

There are several different types of ecigarettes on the market. There are enormous ones, small ones, ones that look like cigarettes, and ones that don’t. It’s becoming a huge market and the various sizes and styles are becoming hard to choose from. At last, most people would prefer not to invest huge amounts of time into something (vaping) that will replace something (tobacco smoking) that really requires little to no effort after you discover a brand that you like. So just the amount will put into your new vaping propensity is a real question that needs answering before you decide which type of ecig you’ll purchase.

First thing you’ll need to sort out is whether you need to work with a pack that uses pre-filled cartomizers or the type of cartomizers where you’d need to purchase ejuice (flavored nicotine solution) and fill them yourself. Numerous new vapers start out with a pack that uses pre-filled disposable cartomizers and afterward later on move to a unit that requires refilling the cartomizers with eliquid.

There are also different size batteries… not to mention manual, programmed, and variable voltage.

So with these choices, just thin those choices around deciding the top qualities in an ecig that are most vital to you. That is the easiest way. The battery: is it most critical for it to be light, or is the most imperative quality to what extent it lasts? You can get smaller batteries and significantly larger batteries. Everything depends on you and what your preference is.

Many people wouldn’t fret a larger and heavier battery in the event that it means it will last twice as long.

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Do you like the flavors that an organization has on offer? Most companies have flavors like menthol, tobacco and chocolate. Be that as it may, have you tried them? Do you like them? Not all same-named flavors taste the same across all brands. Flavors are a very vital decision as well. The main caveat being that in the event that you use a refillable-type cartomizer, you can purchase your eliquid from any organization really. Pre-filled? You’re stuck with the flavors the organization offers. So yeah, flavor is a major consideration as well.

4. Find a Honest and Professional Electronic Cigarette Review Website :

This one is easy, because on the off chance that you are reading this article, you’re already on the best electronic cigarette review website on the planet! Seriously however, there are hundreds of ecig review websites out there. A large portion of them are small time affiliates who are passionate about ecigs and need to make some extra money by spreading the word. The problem lies in the way that most of these websites are simply passing on the brand data listed on each merchant’s website and they aren’t really ordering and testing the genuine products themselves.

Most people can smell bull from a mile away. Let your discernment be your guide. In the event that a site is not surrendering you straight stats on the item (such as puff counts on batteries and cartomizers) and is not by any stretch of the imagination giving you any more data about the item than the merchant would… well, you’ve stumbled onto a site that might not have in reality even tested the item. Make sure they have videos and pictures. On the off chance that they don’t, they presumably don’t even claim the item themselves.

At ECCR, as an added measure, we’ve added a main 10 electronic cigarette consumer rating graph so visitors to the website can get the opinions of peers who have tried the same item and who will give their own particular opinions as to how these products performed for them.

5.  Enjoy Vaping!

What great is it in the event that you locate the best ecig for you and when you get it, you don’t enjoy it? Bugger that! When you’ve made your choice, enjoy it. Realize that on the off chance that you need to make a switch whenever, you have 30 days to experiment with the item and on the off chance that you don’t like it, you can return it for a full refund. That is the beauty of this industry. Most companies offer a 30 day money back guarantee.


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